Monday, 19 September 2016

HIUS is best medicine

The Moffitt published a paper on this 2002 – and every Dr on Earth read and validated it: or they ceased to be a Dr instantly. So they all know about it.
I read about it in a charity cancer magazine, read by every Dr in the NHS 2010. I had proposed the used of high power ultrasound from my chemical engineering PhD 2002: which explains why my PhD got ended - I should have been working on medicine.
Today we are seeing the biggest improvement in human health ever – 33% of humanity died from cancer 2010. 2016 it is under 10%. Women only 8% - as they tend to have an ultrasound massage unit – the world's cheapest HIUS unit designed for home use.
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Dr.s all tried it out 14 years ago. Found it worked – but reverted to using biochemistry et., to kill their own patients for money.
This dismisses the Dr, and is criminal. A court case for 10,000 cases of 1st degree murder awaits every GP.
Even today, as cancer rates have crashed by 25%, Dr.s are still prescribing defective medicine. Just 1 patient will show the harmless application of HIUS shifts ALL cancers.
So no research of biochemical treatments is ethically permitted. So EVERY academic medic is now struck off. They must repay all wages since 2002, and face a criminal trial for their murderous behaviour.
So our health care workers have been killing their own patients for money. Their first prescription of defective medicine invalidated their insurance – and every day's medicine is medical malpractice.
Here is curious. The biggest deliberate mass killing in history, and not one newspaper has covered it. In America, the insurance companies have been paying a fortune to dr.s, to allow this killing spree to continue.

They are entitled to their money back, and families get 10 million for every patient killed. Surviving patients also have a claim, for all their money back, and damages. HIUS is nearly free.

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