Friday, 30 September 2016

Hinkley illegal

Government lawyers are aware Hinckley is legal, so could never sign a contract for the proposed, illegal plant. It would certainly never get planning consent, and so the UK government would never pay any money for the plant or its power.
Hinckley B has planning consent to operate until 1990. An attempt by EDF to use its own engineers to extend planning is what government lawyers term 'unsafe': in English – illegal.
Theresa May can only give consent to intend an existing plant – within planning. An new Hinckley C would require a full 100 million Royal Commission – which has not happened.
Building a new plant by the side of an existing facility is an illegal use of planning laws – subject to 10 years in prison for all parties involved in this illegality.
Question 1 at the Royal Commission would be 'does the plant have sufficient insurance?'. After Fukishima that is 100 billion – it was 40 billion after Chernobyl – that Russia has still not paid the world for.
No commercial insurance above 1 billion is available. So the answer is 'hell no'. Planning refused.
So Hinckley B has no valid insurance – and must stop immediately. So a Hinckley C would count as a green field site – hence the Royal Commission is required.
When they demolished Sizewell a in 2006, Sizewell B has no legal planning. As an illegal extension, with insufficient insurance for 30 years, it must stop today.

There can be no Hinckley C – an illegal plant. That will never gain planning, so will never be paid for.

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