Friday, 16 September 2016

Hinckley illegal

It had planning permission to operate until 1990: it is still operating today – totally criminally. Even the Queen obeys planning.
EDF used its own engineers t oextend planning – totally illegally. Engineers design a plant to operate until planning runs out, then all breaks. I am staggered we have not had a Chernibyl in Surrey.
Since Chernobyl every operating nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion: Fukishima has bankrupted the 2nd richest ciountry on Earth.
No insurance above 1 billion is available. So the power station regulator had the legal duty to issue immediate stop orders in 1986.
A fine of 10 million and ten years iun jail fro both the regulator, and plant managers. Becasically EVERY nuclear plant manager owes a legal fione of over 300 million – and has 300 years in jail.
Expect every nuclear plant manager to instantly resign.
So Hinckley B SHOULD have shut down in 1986 – sych is the tioxic nature of uranium fission. So there will be no Hickley C without a full Royal Commission – Theresa May has no legla power to approve a Hinckley C.
EDF kept plants going, to try and circumvent planning. This is criminal, and excludes them from all government construction contracts.
But no nuclear plant will every get sufficient cover, so none will ever be built. The 200 in the US, and 20 in the UK should receive their immediate stop orders today.
My friend at the British Council told me extending planni ng for an engineering plant was legally unsafe. So would have prevented anybody signing a new nuclear deal anyway.
Sizewell b has had insuffiecient insurance since 1986. So a 300 mililon fine, and 300 years in jail for the regulatoras and plant mangers.

You maty gfetehr, my master's degree was about large engineering contracts. We knew in 1986 that nuclear plants were illegal.

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