Wednesday, 14 September 2016

HIFU LESS effective than HIUS

1983, we were playing with ultrasound, and we found we could produce a diverging cylindder of ultrasound, using a 10x1cm metal guide tube.
What actually happens, is that all the diverging waves refl.act, and cancel out – here we produce a narrow cone of ultrasound – but wasting 90% of the energy we used to generate the ultrasound, we putting rapid frquncy ultrasound into a pietzo electric element.
So the Moffit and all GPs found that High Intenstiy Ultrasound could be provided by an ultrasonic massage unit – so out of copyright.
So they developed HIFU – not aware the idea was 30 years old. Used by metallurgical engineers to do ultrasound scans.
So HIFU produces a narrow beam – which may miss cancer clusters. And wastes 90% of the ultrasound. And is outside of patent protection anyway.

So HIUS clears ALL cancers today – massively cheaply. It stimulates production of the human antibody to cancer. Cambridge want to pay me to look at this science. ABCAM – we shall see what they come back with.

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