Friday, 16 September 2016

Free power

Free power
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->2H++O2++4e- the plasma breaks the water down into ions and electrons
2 H++e-+Tu->n0 The hydrogen ions and electrons form neutrons
3 16O2++8n0 ->4H++2e- the oxygen fissions into hydrogens
4 H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray pure non toxic, free energy.
Er3=1.2MW of pure heat. No solid, radioactive waste.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion – 64 times the energy rate of hyper toxic uranium fission, with no solid radioactive waste. After Chernobyl every uranium pressurised Water Reactor needed insurance of 40 billion.
Which is not available, so they invented Global Warming. Forgetting that plants and bacteria turn additional CO2 into biomass – leaving a static 2 parts per million CO2 in the air – this trace gas has been static since before the industrial revolution.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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There has never been more than 10ppm CO2 in the air around the Earth – this was before photosynthesis evolved in the Cretaceous. CO2 crashed to 1ppm at the end of the age, and 90% of life on Earth died.
The construction of a new nuclear plant is the 4th biggest source of CO2 on the planet – making a PCW produce more carbon emissions than burning Fossil Fuels fro 25 years – the lie of a power plant.
It only recovered as more animals evolved, to eat plant matter, and breath in the O excreted by plants.
5 mCO2+nH2O->Cm(H2O)n+2mO+E plant Molecular Nuclear Fusion
6 Cm(H2O)n+mO2->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2) animal Molecular Nuclear Fusion
So the experts on nuclear fusion on Earth is biology. Not physics. Though water falls over 1m high do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
7 H2O+Tu+O2->He2++O32++4e-
Get my book on this subject. I wrote 3 years ago.
Since Chernobyl every power regulator and plant manager gets 10 years in jail, and a fine of 10 million for running an under insured plant.
So Sizewell B has never been a algal plant. Amassing 300 years in jail for the plant managers and subordinates, and a fine of 3 billion. Levied against EDF and the new plant managers.
This unpaid fine excludes EDF from any government construction contract. Also the new Chinese owners.
Hinckley B had planning until 1990 – and the British Council has noted using your own engineers to extend the planning is illegal. So the plant is sudject to an immediate stop order, and massive fines and jail time.
Crucially this makes Hinckley C a green field site. With a Royal Commission. Item 1 – valid insurance. Required 100 billion, offers 50 million. Application denied.
So no private PCW can operate legally anywhere in the world – included China. Once nationally owned nuclear plants all subject to immediate stop orders on the day of privatisation.
They were never issued. So the same 10 million and 10 years in jail for the regulator and plant mangers applies all over the world. All private PCWs are illegal and must STOP in 1986.
So no Hinckley C without a Royal Commission, and my friends at the British Council will ensure the tardy stop orders are issue to every nuclear plant in the UK.
Theresa May PM has no power to approve an illegal plant. And the UK lawyers will ensure the Royal Commission is set up. Or not, as it will always deny the planning consent. All 200 PWRs in the US should have stopped operating 1986.

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