Sunday, 11 September 2016

Free home power

As steam bubbles rise through liquid water, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray TU=turbulence
This is why a sauce pan gives off a blast of X-rays as it comes to the boil. This stops, as the bubbles stop collapsing.
So we have a large pressure chamber, up which we bubble steam – maybe from a paint stripper. As the water heats up, we get superheated steam at 8 atmospheres.
We have a small pump to recirculate 10% of the steam – the rest we vent to 4 atmospheres, and use to drive a small steam turbine – and generate 24kW. So the national grid pays us 24,000 UK pounds a month, for the excess power.

We collect the liquid water in a reservoir, and micro bubbles of He and O gases rise – and leave into the air. 25% of the oxygen you breath, comes from the deep sea currents using turbulence of high pressure water to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. This is also the source of He gas and X-rays the deep seas produce.
So we pump back the liquid water – which stops the water boiler getting to higher and higher pressure – until it explodes.
So we get free power – which pays us a massive income. So we can pay off the bank loan in the first month.
No Fossil Fuels burn. And no hyper toxic uranium fission, nuclear energy. We consumr4x10-18cc of regular water a month. And free electricity. We do need an efficient and large radiator, to condense our used steam – and give the steam cycle its low pressure end.

I would favour a large, supported aluminium helix. Like from

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