Monday, 19 September 2016

Dr.s strike themselves off

Dr.s have promised 'Only to use the bet medicine – or I'll delete my own name from the medical register'. They also promise to be aware of, validate AND USE medical advances.
2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at 1 appointment. I have found a 8W 1MHzx ultrasonic massage device will clear even late stage liver cancer in under 1 minute.
No biochemistry. No chemo and radio therapy, and NO surgery. All are defective, and globally prohibited – criminal medicine.
So in 2002 every Dr on Earth knew how to cure ALL cancers. And didn't. They kept right on killing with defective medicine. This is criminal.
10 for each of the ¼ billion patients killed. 40 trillion in legal fines. And every Dr excluded from medicine – as all their health insurance is invalid.
So health centre must block the entrance of every prescribing Dr. All cancers can be cleared by the nurse, using the 8W 3MHz ultrasound they have – for physiotherapist use.
No health insurance and you are barred from medicine for life. The Dr.s who have continued have been doing medical malpractice.
HIUS cure diabetes: 30 seconds to the lower right of the chest. I have lost 2 family members to the condition. I have cured diabetics at church – who would rather say they still have the condition – and keep the benefits. In the US this would not apply.
So all health insurance must ensure medics use HIUS – or apply for them to be struck off. The saving is immense. The major income stream of medicine totally removed.
3 months ago, under 10% of people died from cancer – even less for women who own an ultrasound massage device – for weight loss. Be prepared for the trots first time – this will not happen again.
So every Dr on Earth knew HIUS cured all cancer 14 years ago. Just 1 prescription – and they lost their insurance, and medical registration. And smiled as they kept right on killing.
2010 it used to be 33% died through cancer. Cured people will share the HIUS trick with their friends. So with 2 years, no animal or human need die from cancer. They didn't need to for 14 years.
But their GP kept right on killing. I offered HIUS to my step father with Alzheimer's – ½ a minute to each side of the head cures the condition. Published on the internet 2013. Familiar to ever Dr. Have you noticed Dimensia has left the news – now the condition is totally cleared at 1 appointment?
Get you own HIUS device, and cure your friends and family.
So the quarter billion people incur a legal payout against Dr.s of 40 trillion. Not even the IMF have that much money. The drug industry is in a terminal dose dive.

So that is what you do. Buy or borrow a HIUS device – and never see the Dr.. Already that is happening, as people realise the Dr is a killer.

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