Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Dr.s have to cure diabetes

They take an ultrasound of a diabetic, and see hardened white cells in the pancreas – these actually cause diabetes.
Every health centre owns a 8W 3MHz ultrasound device. They apply it for 20 seconds over the pancreas. They use the health centre ultrasound scanner – no white cells.
Type 1 diabetes comes from America, and only remits in 3 days. Type 2 clears instantly. No white cells, that give out X-rays. And normal insulin and blood sugar levels.

Product Details
At this point the Hippocratic oath prevents them prescribing diabetes medicine.
People are buying and using their own 8W 1 MHz device – that takes ½ a minute to clear the cells. I saw some data today, saying that there were only l2 million diabetics – the paper was hurriedly deleted. So that is 50% of diabetes being cleared.
All diabetic are in touch will 1000 other diabetics – and will lend the High intensity UltraSound unit to 100. Or direct them to Amazon to buy their own.
The NHS is rushing around trying to find 'the missing diabetics'. If you have diabetes, you lapse into a coma – there is no hidden diabetes.
There is cured diabetes. And the cure rate goes up exponentially. If all GPs applied best medicine, as they have promised, there would be no diabetes in 2 weeks.

Not to use HIUS is criminal. Diabetes is cured.Not to use best medicine deletes the doctors' registration and insurance, and leads to a criminal prosecution. To claim ignorance of HIUS leads to the same effect.
Dr.s, use HIUS – or you are no longer Dr.s.

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