Monday, 26 September 2016

Court of protection illegal

This exists to let lawyers manage the affairs of people with serious head injuries (and mental illness?). But due to my studies at Sheffield University, I cam across the physiotherapist idea of using ultrasound to induce tissue and organ repair.
It sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in cessated cells – that are then cleared and replaced with working cells – where needed.
1 H2Op+US->He+O+X-ray
So damaged tissues give off X-rays in response to low power ultrasound. In response to High Intensity UltraSound, they fragment, and are replaced by the stem cells.
This only works, as an organ contains a surplus of cells, so we will only see an effect of the accident for a month.
This will repair strokes, head and spinal injuries – plus heart attacks.
I suffered 30% brain damage, but due to my time in Sheffield, found a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device operated as a very cheap HIUS device.
It has corrected my eye squint, and should have repaired all of my brain by now. I went back to Sheffield to find out how. I never thought it would be left to me to find out.
So we can fix any brain damage. Included frontal lobe brain damage. At least 20 session of HIUS, for 1 minute will be required. So it is not instant.
So my accountant got me to take a brain scan, when I began to protest, I never had frontal lobe damage. They never showed me the scan.
The legal over sight of head injuries is meant to be immense. So somewhere, lawyers will have seen my receivership was always inappropriate.
15 years ago they used a car to get me away from my PhD. Then after 5 yeas took the car away – as people DROVE INTO ME. Always solicitors as it happens! Like it had been arranged.
Then they organised nothing for me to do. Even stopping the creative writing group I had joined.
So 15 years of totally illegal receivership. Where is the legal over sight? Not here. The lawyers have allowed my solicitors to totally ruin my life. I am no longer under the court of protection – I never should have been.

So now my life is being ruined for the financial benefit of solicitors. The mental health receivership was always illegal. I am Jonathan Thomason, in Salford.

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