Saturday, 3 September 2016

Cool the hot lands

This idea will work ½ a mile away from a river, or the sea. We compress a Carnot gas, and it gets hot.
We pass this through a stainless steel helix in a cutting in a river, and the water boils! Adding loads of moisture into the hot air. The steam rises, until it his the cold of the stratosphere, where it forms clouds.
Blocking off the infra reed from the ground below – making the ground cooler. At night it falls as rain, so making the dry lands wetter. Plants will love it!
So we can turn the deserts back into rain forest.
The cold end of the Carnot system, we use to cool the air directly – in an enclosed cylinder. So the air drives a turbine, as it is draw down through the helix.
This supplies more than enough power to drive our pumps. So once started, the system runs itself. Cooling and wetting the hot lands.
We invert the system, to draw heat out of the sea – heat we have just put there. We warm the air, and the snow melts – so we get a flow of water at 0oC back into the seas.
So now we increase eh flow of cold water back to the equator. We do not tie up the cold in the ice-caps, but let it flow back to the hot lands as extra cold water.
We increase the growing season in the cold lands. We establish rain forest where now there is desert. And we gobble up all the CO2 we can get./ Nature today limits that gas to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
Crop yields have gone up by 15% - so the burnt Fossil Fuels increase life on Earth. A static trace gas in the air does nothing.
Nuclear power is still the most toxic and under insured industry that will ever exist. It needs insurance of 100 billion – it carries 50 million.

National regulators have the legal imperative to shut ALL nuclear power down.

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