Sunday, 11 September 2016

Cheap power

The church will have a stand by generator-the major cost in my ideas. So you will have a small turbine and control electronics. The Angican church is about to enter the power market.
So we need a pressure vessel, and a small pump to operate my ideas about reciculating steam keeping a boiler at boiling temperature. So we reciculate 10% of the steam, and the rest we use to generate power. 24/7. Well sell the unwanted power to the national gris.
Generating an annual income of 250,000. Our usage of water we will struggle to measure. We can fill up the reservoir with regular water.
We need a paint stripper to get the cycle started, and a lgiht engineering firm to build the boiler. Job done. Just think, every Church in the country generating 20kW. Then next year 50MW. The power business is just about to change.
God be praised.

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