Monday, 19 September 2016

Cancer is being cured by

High Intensity UltraSound – though Dr.s insist on prescribing defective biochemical treatments and the rest. They result in the agonising death of the patient – usually in 2 years.
A 8E 1MHz ultrasonic massage device is the world's least expensive medical licensed HIUS device: this moot me 6 months to figure out in 2010. Since when cancer rates have crashed.
So some people insist on using the Dr.s. They are called the dead. Killed by the hospital and Dr using defective medicine – which is criminal.
Women tend to have a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device around – for weight loss. It also removes scars, clears arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancers: see my other posts for details.
So under 1 minute of ultrasound clears all cancers.
Product Details
Women have the device – so why not try it? It is free – and it works. It does not cause any harm to body cells – it is totally safe.
And it costs 0.05cents to clear any cancer. No repeat application required. No expensive trip to see the GP. Cancer is their big cash cow.
Hence they have stuck with defective biochemistry – though it is defective medicine. And they promised to delete their name from the medical register if they ever used defective medicine.
So every GP is no longer a registered Dr.. And this invalidates their health insurance. So they are forbidden from practising medicine.
If you are seeing a GP, check that he has never prescribed biochemical treatments – or his prescriptions are invalid. And the pharmacist is forbidden from filling them.

The pharmacist records will show who is no longer a registered Dr..

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