Saturday, 17 September 2016

Heart medicine criminal

for 4 years. 2012 medics used the external application of High Intensity UltraSound t othe top left of the chest and kidneys, to totally clear coronary heart disease.
Every heart docotor read and validated the paper. Since then all prescriptions, or heart bypass sergury have been criminal.
Patients or their families can get all medical fees back. And 10 million for every patient who has died.
Every Dr involved in struck off for life. And awaits criminal trial for their murderous behaviour. And they all knew they were doing criminal medicine.
The smiling Dr was killing his patients for money. Get that money back! Below is the home device, which will clear heart disease in 1.5 minutes.
 Prescribing drugs, or organising and performing surgery violates the Hippocratic oath – striking off the Dr.s, and invalidating their health insurance. They had to leave medicine that day – but carried on killing for money.

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