Friday, 16 September 2016

'British nuclear' owes the UK 3 billion

The foreign owners of British Nuclear have kept Hinckley B operating 30 years out of planning permisson: And the Magnox statinos 15 years longer.
Each plant owes a legla fine of 10 million for each year of iullegal operation: EDF was wrong to try and extend the plant life using its own engineers.
A full planning meeting with independent engimneers was called for – 200 million. Each nuclear facility required insurance of 100 billion. They carried just 0.005% of the required cover – as no insurance of the level required was available.
So all buclear plants have been operating illegally. The top lawyers have the task of issuing immediate stop iorders on the plants.
And collecting the 180 billion fine. And ensuring ALL nuclear maangers are emprisoned.

Theresa May can't give permission for Hinckley C – only a full Royal Commission can do. As Hickley has now been a green site for 26 years.

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