Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bike and car power

A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmopheres deos nuclear fusion: there is stuff now appearing on the internet about plasmas doing nuclear fusion – my idea.
We link up suc ha tube with a thermoelectric cylinder holder: the problem with these lead salts, is they have low strength. This does not matter. We can wrap them in a metal structure – to sink the heat.
Read about the Seedbeck. We are talking about 25% of the usual efficiensy procuced by a steam turbine – so 2.5%.
So we are talking about 580kW of power, giving us 7.2kW of power. But a 75kg person needs 60W of power. We are getting 7200W.
No battery, and the bike will go along at 70mph. With a full body and weather shield. We go for a full 3 wheel trike. Which burns no fuel, and can carry our shopping or lugage.
For a car, we may want 2 of these tubes, to give us the required power. Again with no Fossil Fuels burn.

No turbine. We have a less efficient system, but far simpler, and the Molecular Nuclear Fusion gives us so much power. Turn on and go – with no stop to fill up the fuel tank.

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