Friday, 30 September 2016

Biggest illegality in UK law

In 1984, Margaret Thatcher signed for Sizewell B. She did not have legal authority. If she was not dead, she would be looking at a multi life sentence.
An extension to an existing plant, she could consent to. But not the construction of a totally new plant – that is an illegal abuse of planning. And ALL the government lawyers should have stopped it. My job was in the planning and building of large engineering plant.
Sizewell A sprang a week, and was demolished in 2006. So Sizewell B an illegal extension to a now demolished plant. With no planning consent.
In 1986 we have Chernobyl. So 40 billion of annual insurance cover was required. No commercial insurance over 1 billion is available. So Nuclear Power fabricated Global Warming. Then as the world cooled from 1995, they changed to Climate Change – as we had global cooling – totally naturally.
Meanwhile photosynthesis on the land and sea (Free area 99.8% of the Earth's surface) converted the burnt Fossil Fuels back into active life. So life on Earth fas increased by 15% since the industrial revolution.
Free3 average global CO2 is capped at 2 parts per million – by nature. And nature covers the vast bulk of the Earth. So never any man-made Climate Change. A stupid nuclear concoction.
So 30 years of planning abuse. 2 billion of legal fines. And 3 millennia in jail for the regulators and plant managers.
Hinkley's PLANNING CONSENT EXPIRED IN 1990. So0 no Hinkley C without a full Royal Commission. And with no adequate insurance – automatic planning denied.

All the Hinkley team get multi life jail sentences, for trying to pervert the planning process.

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