Sunday, 18 September 2016

Biggest illegality in history

British Nuclear IGNORED planning laws for 30 years at Hinckley B. By now only Sizewell B is within planning. But it only carries 50 million of insurance.
When it was privatised in 1996, it needed 4 billion. After Chernobyl it needed 40 billion, and now 100 billion. No insurance over 1 billion available.
So it has NEVER operated legally. Planning consent is conditional on valid insurance.
Hinckley planning expired in 1996 – EDF tried to extend it using ITS OWN engineers. Thai is not legal.
So it has been operating illegally for 30 years. Accumulating 680 billion in fines. All the Climate Change 'scientists' have been acting, knowingly, for an illegal organisation. Thus they have to repay all wages since they first did work on Global Warming, and are barred from education for life.
Any rational scientist realises photosynthesis in plants and bacteria, in the open land or fields, limits CO2 to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million. It's pre-industrial level. The extra CO2 has ended up as additional life on Earth. So Climate Change people were spouting nuclear fiction – for money.
Not the sort of people who should be in education.

Ignoring planning for 30 years is without president. To run the most toxic process known to man. So the owners of British Nuclear owe the largest fine in history, and its top managers get 3 millennia in jail. Basically every employee of British Nuclear die in jail.

The rest of the jail times goes to the present Chinese owners. The lawyers have the legal imperative to issue an immediate stop order on Sizewell B, from its date of privatisation.Stop Hinckley – 30 years late.

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