Saturday, 10 September 2016

Astra Zeneca are criminals

The fine of 4 million handed down to Astra Zeneca was assuming AZ had acted to exploit its market dominance. No.
It was medically published in 2002 that High Intensity UltraSound cured cancer. Which is why cancer rates have fallen from a 1/3 of humanity to under 10% in 6 years: the biggest improvement in human health ever.
The Moffitt deleted the paper in 2010 – it direct contravention of the Hippocratic oath – and now are permanently excluded from medicine. All its patients will change to real doctors.
To prove HIUAS cures cancer, go along to your local vet on cancer day. ½ a minute of 8W 1 MHz ultrasound will cure cancers – as shown on ultrasound scans. No X-rays will be emitted, after 1 HIUS application. The cancer is gone.

The cheapest, medically licensed source of HIUS, is an ultrasound massage device. No GP or hospital required.

So you can cure you cancer at home – as known to all registered Dr.s for 14 years. Any doctor who feigns ignorance, is excluded from medicine – going back 14 years.
So all medical cost can be reclaimed fro9m your Dr and health centre for cancer, going back 14 years. The major cash flow of medicine – so they do not have the money. But their insurers do.
Violating the Hippocratic oath invalidate you insurance, and means you can't work in medicine.
So every gets back the majority of medical expenses going back 14 years: if the individual was killed by defective medicine, the money goes to their families or beneficiaries.
So AZ bribed Dr.s to apply defective medicine – this is criminal. It has killed 1 in 8 of the developed world. The top managers now face criminal prosecution, for 200 million 1st degree murders.

AZ is instantly excluded from medicine for ever. As are all prescribing GPs. So AZ acted in the most criminal way in history – the most illegal company ever.

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