Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Asthma fixed

I used High Intensity Ultrasound to clear asthma in 2013, and published it on the internet. ½ a mintue of HIUS from the below device to either side of the cheast.
This makes biochemical remindies defective medicine – no registered R can prescribe tehm without being struck off and face criminal trial.
HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys was medicalyl published and avidated by ever GP 2012. Heart medication became unethical 4 years ago.
So HIUS will reduce the world medical reseach budgets by 120 billion a year. All Dr.s whop have continued with biochemical research noow struck off. Awaiting criminal trial.
HIUS also clears arthritis, IBS and mental health problems: included MS, Alzheimer's, Parkison's and Scizophrenia.
No biochemical work on these problems has been ethical for 3 years.

Astra Zeneca has continued to make and sell biochemical treatments for cancer 14 years after HIUS was published to totally clear cancer – this is CRIMINAL medicine. All prescribing GPs, ceased to be Dr.s on their first prescription post 2002.

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