Monday, 22 August 2016

Zodiac Films

This week John E bullied me out of my creative writing group for doing a Google search. That was all! I never placed an order – I don't have authority to spend the national Lottery's money like that.
I am just a disabled man, trying to enjoy the rest of me life – after a car accident. I did nothing!
If you use Zodiac film, don't. Find an ethical film company! John is the co-director. Who thinks he can bully a disabled man, so he gets control of more National Lottery money.
If you know him, ask him, 'What the Hell were you doing! You are a Labour's NEC'
No doubt Labour's lawyers will be in touch. Afcter those from Salford Council, Google, National lottery and my lawyers: they supervise that I don't go crazy with the court settlement.

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