Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wrongful group expulsion

John E. was very keen that we should do nothing to upset the lottery. A month ago, we got the OK to strart the Agincourt process – we could tell the world.
John asked me to blog aboutthe writing group, to get new members. The next week he discipled me for exceeding my powers: I just did as asked!
I never got a written warming, as the constitution demands.
The next week he was talking about Tudor ices – so I found him a source. Isent out an enquiry. An order was a matter for the whole group.
The next meeting he got me expelled from the group, for 'Ordering Tudor ices'. I did not! I did a Google search.
Every voted to expell me! Even my 3 friends. I was not allowed to defend myself. Which also contravenes the constitution.

I just thought 'pick on the disabled guy'. John is a member of the Labour NEC, and the National Lottery will not be happy with this behaviour of John's.

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