Friday, 19 August 2016

Worst crime ever

I publish stuff on the internet, to get contributions: that is why I know HIUS clears type 1 diabetes only after 3 days. Initially American said 'I doesn't clear my diabetes'. I was puzzled – it cleared UK type 2 diabetes instantly.
Except one guy, who caught type 1 in America. So I was puzzled. The next week the HIUS had worked, and my American friends said 'now it has worked'. Ah, 3 day delay. It is due to the time taken by the liver to clear the antisense to insulin – produced by the Type 1 viral rump.
The type 2 messes directly with the bio-regulation. No viral rump, the diabetes goes.
So thanks guy – for giving me the feedback I would have got as a hospital. My friend in the US got type 3 diabetes – where the viral rump was not totally cleared, and colonised the liver or kidneys.
Hence always do the full ½ a minute over the pancreas.
My HIUS work on cancer was from a paper published in Nature Immunology. Read and verified by every Dr on Earth. I used to work in ultrasound, and 150 W 40kHz clears all viral rumps – so all cancers.
Product Details
So I published it, expecting to hear from medics. I heard from 2, asking me for suitable ultrasound massage devices. I now use 8 W 1 MHz. Not one protested they had not read the original paper, or had the results verified in a hospital: to avoid the $10,000 cost of a Moffitt device. Amazon sell them for under $50.
Leukaemia is the big one: I recommend HIUS to each side of the chest for ½ a minute – and no Dr has complained. So I was right.
Dr.s have to know about and use best medicine. And had all personally verified HIUS 2002. Making biochemistry defective medicine.
Using defective medicine is criminal- and leads to the Dr being struck off. Dr.s reckoned that only Dr.s would read and understand the paper.
I worked in ultrasound, and had formulated the ideas behind Molecular Nuclear Fusion at Sheffield University.
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray not rocket science
No Dr has ever argued. Probably as their physics/chemistry is not up to it. Yet they have used low power ultrasound since the 1950s. Why did they think cancer gave off X-rays in response to ultrasound? They could have always asked a guy with a Master's in material science – like me.
So medics had turned up the ultrasound power/frequency ever decade, found it cued cancer, and shelved the results. This time I suggested HIUS, and the Moffitt published their results.

This was the cure they were dedicated to finding. They found it. And then reverted to defective, criminal biochemistry. So ever Dr and professor at the Moffitt is no longer registered to practice medicine.
Their health insurance is revoked – so they have to leave health. The same applies to every Dr who has continued to prescribe biochemistry. Watching their paying patients die in agony. While knowing all about HIUS.

These are the biggest killers in history ¼ billion avoidable deaths. Hitler only managed 60 million. So for the last 14 years, Dr.s have continued to prescribe defective medicine. The AMA, GMC and other national regulators were meant to stop this sort of behaviour. But did nothing.
The members of the AMA were probably killing for money too. Far more serious killers than the Mafia.
These people should not be in health. And has the world media commented on this? The Daily Express carried a few articles in 2004, and then shut up. They connived in the biggest killing ever.
All the more serious, as it was by Dr.s, our healers. Massively paid to save lives, then fro 14 years just killing for money.

Not their family members. They all went to the Moffitt in Florida, and came back healed. These are not nice people. The most serious psychopaths who ever lived. Your GP.

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