Monday, 29 August 2016

Warming Siberia

We cut down inot the ice, and string a chain of steam plasma tubes across, attached to floats. When we strike up the plasma, we have a string of star chords across the ice.
Lightening shows a 1mx2cm steam plasma tube releases 8.6MW. This is a serious power density. The ice melts, and the water heats up and boils. The sies melt, so making up for the water we lose as hot steam.
Soon where there was permafrost, we now have a standing lake – lake Vostoc is kept liquid by the Molecular Nuclear Fusion happening in the turbulent flow of high pressure water.
1 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray
So now we get the inflow of waer into Siberian rivers. We string steam plasma tubes along the river banks.
We need little pressurised water reservoirs – we will use 2x10-17cc of regular water a year. So in time we may prefer new tubes, rather than refill the reservoir.

We will keep the Siberia rivrs open all year. Warm and wet the Siberian climate. No Fossil Fuels burn, or hyper toxic uranium fission. U fission is toxic and uninsurable.

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