Sunday, 14 August 2016

The cure of lung cancer

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
I have been blogging about ½ a minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound to each sdie of the chest clearing lung cancers: HIUS externally cures all cancers. HIUS to the lower right of the rib cage clears diabetes – though type 1 takes 3 days to remit.

Lung cancer accounts for 80% of cancers out there – but nobody is publishing data. I found a graph for 2014, which shows a catastrophic decline in lung cancers.
So not biochemistry – that is defective, globally prohibited medicine. No regisytered Dr has been allowed to prescribe biochemical treatments since 2002: those that have, no longer Dr.s.

They have to repay all wages, and leave the health service – to face multiple counts of 1st degree murder – as they knew about HIUS, yet insisted on killing the patient with biochemistry: for money.
So we can live in a world without cancer – somebody tell Cancer Research. Cancer is cured.

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