Monday, 15 August 2016

Sizewell illegal

Nuclear power found that by modifying existing nuclear plants, they could avoid a Royal Commission. But plants have a fixed life. All the Magnox stations should have closed in the 1980s, Hinckley in 1889. So the last 26 years have been illegal. So Hinckley must stop 26 years ago!
All the plant managers and regulators get 10 years in jail for every illegal year! And there are 6 Magnox stations – this is the biggest illegality in British legal history.
Then we get to Sizewell B. It has planning until 2005. Then it used its own engineers to extend this for 23 years. This is legally unsafe – criminal corporate behaviour.
It does not really matter, as Chernobyl ensure every operating nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion: there is no commercially available insurance above 1 billion.
So the Power station regulator had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders 39 years ago. The Office for Nuclear Regulation has been emailing me to get involved with nuclear regulation. No, all nuclear plants are operating illegally, and the regulator and plant managers are due to start their jail sentences 30 years ago.
Nuclear power carries insurance of 50 million per plant. After Fukishima the required level is 100 billion. So I told the Office for Nuclear Regulation this today – I wonder if they will ever reply.
The Solicitors Regulation Authority has the legal duty of overseeing the regulators. Why have they not done their job? This is massive regulator failure. Breaking the law big time.

Hinckley and Sizewell B must both stop – 30 years ago!

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