Friday, 26 August 2016

Pills to cure cancer

Both viruses and cancer, use viral type division. This is initiated by a novel enzyme – which shiws up on the cell wall.
If we give a drip of IL-2 and Il-4, the immune system nuabts the body for non native enzymes, and makes the active human antibody. The IL-2 loads this on the macrophages – which are sent to clear cell with this enzyme displayed.
This antibody is the most highly produced antibody, for anybody with cancer. And there is no way around it! Any mutation, and the cancer does not grow.
So for 67p, a compatible drug company can produce pills, that will clear cancers in one course of pills.

They sell 2 billion courses of pills, then 200 million a year for ever. And eradicate cancer from the world. No expensive, proprietory 2 year decline to death. A total cure -the best medicine.
The photograph?  The world first.

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