Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ordsall heat and power

Ordsall Hall has an acre of open land – since it sold half of the Tudor Hall to America. The lottery will look favourably on funding applications for the Hall.
We lay down Al pipe – 2cm in diameter – Al is cheaper than copper. There are commercial firms that will do this work. Look up 'ground source heat pump Salford' on Google.
They will come in and erect he plant. We use higher pressure, so we get at a small volume of 140oC heat. We then feed the 100oC heat into the central heating system. This system will even work with snow on the ground.
We get all our heat and power for free. We should get 25kW of electricity. So we sell 15kW to the national grid.

And get an annual income of 45 million. From energy usually wasted. Using technology from the 1950s.

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