Friday, 12 August 2016

Ordsall gold

Manor houses used to be built near springs – in the days mains water was not available. This allowed them to water their crops, and survive sieges. Got to
No geothermal water has gold it it – which is deposited on route. But all is not lost.
We use ground sonar to locate well structure 10 meters below the ground. We drill down to that water. Which will be at 240oC, 8 bars pressure.
We pass through a aggrandised Dyson dry cleaner – which removes the metals dust. We sell this duct on to metals companies – who will pay us be metals content of the dust. They will process it into ingots.
The community group with the network of contacts to organise all this is Ordsall Creative Arts! They should get an income of at least 250,000 per years. Maybe even 3 million.
We then use the clean steam to generate power for Ordsall – which has as much value as the gold. We will need a 75kW turbine set – otherwise free power.used steam is a source of free fresh water

The condensed steam is a source of free fresh water.

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