Monday, 22 August 2016

Ordsall Creative writers

John E. has staged a bloodless coup on this group. The founder members have no rtired, or been forced ot by J. He now uses the husk of a company, to get money from the National Lottery
To service the local Ordsall Hall. The riters group is now organising a Tudor festival. So the group is doing no riting – J can't as he is illiterate.
Ordsall Trust employ J, to give out Lottery money.
Jane has gone, and Mike is retired. The next person to force out was me.
So J asked me to publises the group, so I did. And I got told off for threatening the Lottery cid: 6 weeks ago9 the Lottery told us we could go public – to publises the event, and get people involved.
Then J merntioned ice creams. So I found a source of Tudor ices – I never orders them, I sent an enquiry. Which I cancelled as J said it was too dear.
Then j got me expelled from Ordsall Writters, for ordering ice creams for £800. I ddi not – I sent an enquiry. But I was not allowed to speak in my defence.
And despite trying to say I had done nothing, the groiup expelled me. So Ordersal Trust is basically J and his buddies – the founders are all gone.
A totally blood less coup. Which gives J access to Lottery fundding every year. J claims to be on the Labouer NEC. The lawyers there and at the Lottery need word with him.

I am just a disabled man, who's appairs are looked after by a solicitor. Who will also be having words with him. Not a fit guy to have access to Nationalk Lottery moiney.

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