Friday, 19 August 2016

Ordeal by Ordsall

On Wednesday I was expelled from a National Lottery funded project, for findig a source o9f Tudor ices. I thought they were a bit pricey, so it was justy an enquiry.
My writers group chair got me expelled for over stepping my powers. I ddi a Google search – that was all.
So the chair lead a kangaroo cxourt, where I was not allowed to defend My solicitor has just been on the phone.
You see as a diabled man, I have my affairs overseen by solicitors: which John kmew. Yuo really son't piss me off, as the lawyers from the National Lotter, Go0ogle and my own solicitor will all be on your case.
I did a Google search, and the chair of my writing group organised a kangaroo court, and got me expelled. I never placed an order – I just found us a source, of expensive, Tudor ices.

I protested to John 'This is not Stalinist Russia'. 'Oh yes it is – I am on the Labour NEC' he countered. I don't think the Labour party will be too happy either.

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