Wednesday, 3 August 2016

No private nuclear power

Lawyers pride themselves on enforcing the law. CO2 levels are static since before the industrial revolution – the burnt Fossil Fuels are converted into plant biomass within 5 minutes.
So there never could be any Global Warming or Climate Change. After Chernobyl, every nuclear plant on EARTH REQUIRED 40 BILLION IN INSURANCE. The lawyers NEVER enforced this – as the insurance was carried by national governments – except in the US, where nuclear power has NEVEER operated legally.
Fukishima raised this insurance to 100 billion – 100 times that available. In the UK the Power Station regulator told me 1984, insufficient insurance resulted in an immediate 'stop order' being issued to nuclear power.
This was 2 years before Chernobyl, so the regulator had the legal imperative to stop all British nuclear plants.
Not to do so resulted in the plant managers and regulator both getting annual fines of 10 million, and 10 years in jail. So the Chinese operator of British nuclear owe the British tax payer 2.4 billion.
And all the regulators and plant managers die in jail. So any Hinckley C would never get an operating license. The UK government would never pay for plant construction – the Chinese would have spend 18 billion, on the world's biggest white elephant: just too dangerous to ever allow start.
In contrast lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O->He2++O2-+E2+MNF
A steam plasma in a glass tube does the more exothermic H fission.
2 H++e- ->n0
3 16O2++4 n0 ->8H++6e-
4 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
So we convert all the water into a static 17.2 MW/m from a 2cm steam plasma. We use a 1/2cm steam plasma, and get a more manageable 2 MW.
Uranium fission only generates 650 kW, as it generates toxic plutonium – the world most toxic, and long lasting waste.
So we can convert all uranium fission plants into MNF plants. Each tube consuming 1.2x10-16cc or regular water a year. A 4 atmospheres they self sustain. At 8 bars, we get 5.2 MW – just too much heat.
So each steam plasma tube replaces 80 uranium oxide fission tubes.
We can actually use Molecular Nuclear Fusion to reprocess fission waste. We half fill a tube with steam, and as we strike up the plasma, the gamma waves and neutrons cause the plutonium to fission, into safer atoms.
We do this in the North sea, so the heat flows back to the Arctic – where it is needed. We convert all the fission tubes we water store today, into regular waste we can burr in unused mines.
Turning Sellafield into a safer area – saving Cumbria from a Fukishima. For free.
律師自豪自己執法。二氧化碳水平是自工業革命前的靜態 - 燔化石燃料轉化成植物生物量在5分鐘內。
因此絕不可能是任何全球變暖和氣候變化。切爾諾貝利後,地球上的每一個核工廠所需要40億美元的保險。律師NEVER強制執行這一點 - 因為保險是由國家政府進行 - 除了在美國,核電NEVEER合法經營。
Fukishima提出了這個保險,以100十億 - 100倍可用。在英國,電站調壓告訴我,1984年,保險不足導致立即“停止令”正在發行核電。
而所有的監管機構和工廠經理死在監獄裡。因此,任何欣克利Ç永遠不會獲得經營許可證。英國政府絕不會支付廠房建設 - 中國人將有18個花費十億,在世界上最大的白象:太危險永遠允許的開始。
1 H 2 O->++ O2- + E2 +多國部隊
在玻璃管中,蒸汽等離子做更多的放熱^ h裂變。
2小時++ E- - > N0
3 160 2 ++ 4 N0 - > 8H ++ 6e-
4小時++ R N0 - > Er3 +離子L + X射線
因此,我們將所有的水變成一個靜態的17.2兆瓦/2厘米的蒸汽等離子體。我們使用了一塊1 /2厘米蒸汽等離子,並獲得了更易於管理的2兆瓦。
鈾裂變僅產生650千瓦的,因為它會產生毒性的钚 - 世界上最毒的,和持久的浪費。
讓我們大家鈾裂變的植物轉化為多國部隊的植物。每根管子消費1.2x10-16cc或普通水的一年。 A 4個大氣壓,他們的自我維持。在8條,我們得到5.2兆瓦 - 只是過多的熱量。
我們這樣做是在北海,所以熱量回流到北極 - 在需要的地方。我們將所有的裂變管我們的水店今天,進入正規垃圾,我們可以不用在礦山毛刺。

談到塞拉菲爾德進入一個更安全的地方 - 從節約Fukishima坎布里亞郡。免費。

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