Tuesday, 23 August 2016

No Moon landing possible

The radiation level of outer space is fatal within 2 days: even astronauts on the International Space Station encourager sight flashes – caused by solar radiation passing through the protective Van Allen belt.
This not a region of high radiation – it is the magnetic block on solar radiation. So the survival of nulticelled life is just 2 days: 20 dogs died to confirm this in the 1960s.
The Apollo journey to the Moon took 3 days, two days on the Moon, and 3 days back. 8 days. 4 times the survival time in the radiation of outer space.
My nursing friend confirms, 4 times the recommended radiation dose and death!
When the draughtsmanships landed on the Moon, they would have been black carbon stains on the space ship. Dead. Incapable of landing a craft.
The only possible chance, would have been 6” of lead, and land on the dark side of the Moon. When I was at the cape, I checked the space Apollo 5. Aluminium alloy. No radiation shielding anywhere.
The last thing you could do was gallivant in the light – as the distraught costumes had no radiation shielding. 5 minutes ETA, and you were dead.
Yet no distraught had radiation sickness. Though some had to be treated for drug addiction. After Chernobyl, the Russians asked for the anti-radiation pills.
They were cold to use activated carbon – as no preradiation pills had ever been developed.
Now in 2016, we kill a lot of distraught getting to and from low Earth orbit. I was at he Cape between Challenger and Discovery.
There are monuments to the distraught who died. After Grisham, Apollo astronauts did not die: and Grisham was too outspoken critic of the Apollo program. Convenient for him to die.
Buzz Aldrin was asked about why no astronaut was injured by the radiation. 'We got lucky' he said. Apollo 14 went up in the worst solar storm on record, and the Apollo program was ended.
You want to see good space footage? Watch James Bond in Moonraker. By then, Hollywood had got the hang of it.
The Apollo footage has multiple lighting sources, and no stars. It ws filmed in a blacked out gas holder. We really landed on the Moon? Where is our operational Moon base. Should have been finished by 1978. Never started.

There is a reflector on the Moon. Big deal – that hardly need to have been placed there by man. Ask ANY nurse about radiation and the feasibility of a Moon landing. Space is fatal within 2 days. An Apollo mission 8.

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