Monday, 29 August 2016

No increase in CO2

After Chernobyl nuclear power tried to invent a reason to exist. It chose CO2 – but it was really uneducated in the carbon cycle.
Plants take in the burnt Fossil Fuels within 5 minutes, to turn the extra CO2 BACK into active life. Sucking the CO2 from the air.
So the Global average is only 2 parts per million – its level in the 1800s. During the little ice age of 1880, it spiked at 4ppm – during the little ice age.
In the Jurassic warm period we had 4ppm CO2, but far fewer Fossil Fuels. The Jurassic has 3 ice ages, on lasting 650 million years, with CO2 at 4 times today's trace level. Ice-ages are the only periods CO2 rises.
So people talking about increasing CO2 are uneducated nuclear stooges: High School biology teaches us, man has no control over CO2. His emissions are 0.00004% of nature's CO2 – from animal respiration.
The Cretaceous mass extinction was caused by CO2 falling to 1ppm – and 90% of life on Earth died. Life only got over this, as more animals evolved to eat plants, breathe in O, the waste gas of plants, and breath out CO2 – plant food.
The Cretaceous had ice ages, with CO2 at 10ppm – ten times today's capped level. Mars has CO2 at 25%, and a surface temperature of -50oC.
Ever physics student on Earth knows about the carbon cycle, and only talks about Climate Change, to get at nuclear research money. Not nice people.
Every nuclear reactor on Earth needs insurance cover of 100 million. Not commercially available. So the National Regulators HAVE to issue immediate stop orders – in 1986.
Continuing nuclear power is the biggest illegality in legal history. The regulator and plant managers get 10 years in jail, and a 10 million fine for every year of plant operation without valid insurance;
A total of 2.5 trillion. Nuclear power – most toxic and least legal power system on Earth. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Generating the power for 300 power users.

Free power from regular water. No CO2 or hyper toxic uranium fission waste. Utilizing 10-17cc of regular after a decade. Oil and gas so over priced!

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