Sunday, 21 August 2016

No extra CO2

Levels were at 2 parts per million before the industrial revolution, and they still are – though they at at 4ppm – above the Poles.
Plants burn CO2 into biomass, leaving the 2ppm in the air. A local eruiption or forrest fire give us a local growth spurt – which passes in 2 days.
Man's extra CO2 is 0.00004% of the daily CO2 breathed out by animals. The Fossil Fuels were fomed from the life that died at the mass extinctions.
The Jurassic has 65% more liufe, sea levels 60 meters lower, and twice the CO2 in the air. Except during the three natural ice-ages where it reached 8ppm. An ice age is the only time the local CO2 level can rise – less photosynthesis to take the gas in
Nuclear power devised Global Warming after Chernobyl, and paid physicists and egineers to talk about CO2. Biologists do leacture courses on the carbon cycle, the climate 'scientists' should have taken 1st year university biology.
So no acdemic who has ever written about Global Warming should be in education: to their cridic, none has done any work on Climate Change.
Climate Change is interesting. Nuclear power made up Global Warming in a natural warming phade of the climate – such things are determined by solar cycles. Nothing to do with man.
This ended in 1995, so we have had 21 years of global cooling – nuclear power has celled Climate Change.
Blaming it on a rising level of CO2. Plants take in extra CO2 within 5 minutes. Meaning there never has been an increase in CO2.

A static trace gas affects nothing.

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