Saturday, 27 August 2016

Lyme disease cure

Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis, is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. 
  Lyme disease is not cleared by the body, as it appears harmless. So we use the HIV idea. We apply HIUS – here to both sides of the lungs, as the bacterium is very exposed here.
The bacteria has been given a minimal cell wall by the B cells – thinking is is useful. When subject e.g. to 8W 1 MHz ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device, these inflated cells pop.
Bacterial cells have to be over inflated – just like viruses and cancer cell, in order to grow. Body cell are never inflated – as they do not device and grow.
The Lyme cells do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US ->He+O+X-ray+E2

½ a minute of High Intensity UltraSound clears the bacterial infection from the lungs. And this induces a body wide immune action, to clear the disease. No GP or biochemistry allowed.

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