Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Jeremy Corbym permits bullying of vulnerable adults

John Elliot has progressively taken over Ordsall Trust, so he can gain control of National Lottery money – as they fund projects around Ordsall hall.
The two founder members of Ordsall Trust have either retired, or been forced out. We are busy arranging a medieval festival at Ordsall hall.
So I found us a source of Tudor ices. But John Elliot had agreed a scheme, where he got 10% of he profits from a local ice cream firm.
So I brought along a letter, which was an ENQUIRY with a form in Chester. He refused to let me talk – and said I had placed an order.
I had ensured the firm knew I had no order authority – it was an enquiry only. John got the group to vote unanimously to eject me. For doing a Google search.
Coincidentally, they are his Internet providers.
I have emailed the National Lottery direct, pointing out that I am classed as a vulnerable adult, and John's actions amount to illegal bullying.
So I now have the solicitor on the case. He is appalled – and I am not happy.
Jon is on the Labour NEC. Is he really the person Jeremy wants in his party. I am just trying to enjoy what is left of my life. But I was in John's way to money.
I am off today, to use a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device on people with early stage diabetes. As 30 people around the world have successfully cleared full diabetes.
American's found in 2002 that High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancers. Which is why I used it on a diabetic friend.
Jeremy's focus today is on the NHS. Since 2002 biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy plus surgery all all defective medicine – prohibited by the Hippocratic oath. Used by the NHS to horribly kill 8 million British people.

Focus on the total cure to ALL cancers.

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