Saturday, 6 August 2016

Irrigate Saudi Arabia

In the days of the Roman empire, Saudi Arabia fed Rome: it only acidified in the little ice age. Now we can wet Arabia, using high school physics.
We have solar power vacuum pumps, sucking sea water up from the Arabian gulf by 1 meter. Before we apply 1 meter of vacuum onto sea water, it boils. So we pump out fresh water vapour, and a chain of vacuum pumps transfers the water 10 km in shore.
As the vapour vents, it condenses into water drops, which fill a depression with liquid water. We create an irrigation system – based on the systems along the Nile.
We dredge up silt from the sea bed, and wash it in water out-flows – so we remove the salt. We distribute this soil over the irrigated dessert – and we have regular dividers, to stop the soil being blow back into the sea.
We distribute grass seed, and soon have lush areas. We mechanically harvest the grass, and feed it to animal in holding areas. We collect their droppings- and scatter the manure over the new grass lands.
Suddenly we convert what is now arid desert back into arable farm land. All the plants suck in CO2, do there will be less plant growth in the temperate areas.
Global photosynthesis limits free CO2 in the afternoon air to just 2 parts per million. By burning the Fossil Fuels, man has increased the growing day around the world by 10 seconds.
His carbon dioxide makes up just 0.00004% of the natural CO2 breathed out by animals. Any person who thinks man could affect the gas composition of the air is a dangerous, nuclear funded moron. Or just very stupid.
2ppm CO2 is the global average CO2 level since before industry. Burning the Fossil Fuels has increased life on Earth.
The Jurassic had far fewer Fossil Fuels, but 65% more active life, and sea levels 60 meters lower.
Nuclear power invented Global Warming after Chernobyl – and is staggered we have had 21 years of global cooling, and 'scientists' still talk about Global Warming as if it was real. It just proves how stupid people are – when there is money to be had!
No person who has ever done work on Global Warming or Climate Change, should ever be allowed near education or the media.

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