Sunday, 7 August 2016

'Interview with a Vampire'

Jim So you are not ashamed of your profession?
Dr No – I have studied long and hard, and paid a lot of money to be taught medicine.
Jim And you promised to keep up with and use best medicine?
Dr Err .. yes.
Jim So you read the paper on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer 2002.
Dr Hard to miss – it was even in a cancer charity magazine 8 years later. But it only works for a small range of cancer.
Jim The original paper was for prostate cancer but its means of action was for all cancers: the ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
Dr So YOU say.
Jim No – there are 5,000 medically verified papers on the Internet. So you used HIUS for prostate cancer.
Dr Of course not – the drug companies paid me to research a more effective
TREATMENT for prostate cancer.
Jim But you have promised never to research, teach, or prescribe defective medicine. And ALL biochemistry became defective medicine in 2002.
Dr Well yes – but I only promised that as there never would be an effective cure.
Jim And now there is?
Dr Well obviously, we are looking at amending the Hippocratic oath.
Jim But the version you took said 'best medicine with no financial favour'
Dr Well Hippo crates did not have an expensive heath centre and wife to maintain.
Jim Best medicine.
Dr Granted me need to look again at if biochemistry is ethical for prostate cancer – but the rest...
Jim People can buy a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device from Amazon, and cure their own cancers – all of them.
Dr Totally medically unproven.
Jim The device was actually licensed by you sister company 'Bio for fitness'. So for under $50 you can clear the cancers for yourself and your family.
Dr Impossible – if it was that easy we would all be doing it.
Jim like with the 8 W 3MHz unit in the nursing office, you confirmed HIUS with 14 years ago.
Dr You have no proof of that!
Jim It is a suitable device – and the Hippocratic oath requires you validate and use new medical developments.
Dr We were looking at using the hospital ultrasound device – but the waiting list was too long. And we all understood biochemistry.
Jim You understand it?
Dr Not the fine details, but would pay me loads of money, and I watch you die in agony.
Jim 1 application of HIUS for just 1 minute, and all 200 cancers out there are cured.
Dr You can't say that!
Jim I just did. Low power ultrasound causes cancers to give off X-rays, so we have to be doing nuclear fusion.
Dr Ultrasound causes nuclear fusion in cancer – I did not know that.
Jim The Hippocratic oath does not demand you understand the medicine – just that you use best medicine.
Dr Oh I would take argument with you there: some people want t ode in excruciating … best medicine?
Jim Medically proved 14 years ago.
Dr Well I would like to give you more time, but I have patients to kill – to heal obviously.

(Talks into intercom 'Could you bring me the TENs ultrasound device from the nursing office. And no rush about the new prescription pad')

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