Monday, 29 August 2016

Free power

A steam plasma.
We take a 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tube. At 4 atmospheres we will get 2.2 MW – extrapolated from the 2.5x1030W released by a 1.5km steam plasma we know as a lightenig bolt.
The surface temperature reaches 10millionoC – a sure sign we are doing nuclear fusion. The temperature of yellow suns.
We place the tube in a water bath, and generate 200 kW of electricity. The national grid will pay us 60 million annually fro that power – and retail it for us.
No CO2 – and much more importantly, no radioactive waste – the He goes off into space within 24 hours, reacting with nothing.
CO2 is metabolised into plant biochemistry mass within 5 minutes, over the land or seas. The world climate has been COOLING for 21 years. Explain. CO2 startic at only 2 parts per million, 15% more life on a cooling world.
To fire up the plasma we usethe started from a fluorescent lgiht. It self sustains at 4 atmospheres. Utilising 2.4x10-17cc of regular water A DECADE.

Free, carbon 0 power. With no radioactive waste.

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