Saturday, 13 August 2016

Free power

The river of geothermal waters tracks all the surface rivers and lakes, but shifted 10” anticlockwise. So we want to use ground sonar to locate the underground river.
Loads of print and dyers use geothermal steam as a cheap source of feat. They then dump the water in a reservoir. And may unwittingly have dumped heavy metal powder in the lake.
They may not have drilled of to the water which has dissolved gold and platinum in. But there should be iron and copper.
At commercially significant levels.
Now the Hall needed a close well, as a water supply. So this is fed by the geothermal river – hence we get warm well water, from the geothermal steam.
So we use ground sonar around the well, and drill down direct to the water/steam. It is at 250oC, 8 bars pressure – but most of this pressure and heat is lost on the natural water channel. Our bore hole gives us direct access to this water: though again, the gold may need a deeper bore hole – 34m.
So we get access to water at 75. bars, 210oC. We vent this to 4 bars, and pass through a double helical flow device (Dyson dry cleaner) to scrub the dust out. We sere the natal power on, to process into ingots.
Gold? Not impossible: Here the geographers will have produced ground sonar maps around the university.
So where ever we do it, we use an engineering trick I thought of 2001. When we vent the steam, we get steam with a 50oC superheat. So we drive a turbine, producing carbon 0, clean and free power.
We pass the steam through Carnot heat pump, so for 4% of the generated power, we return70oC heat to the inlet steam. So we now get 250oC. So we will generate 25kW, rather than 8.
Free power – with no Fossil Fuels burn. And Ordsall Hall should have the room for the equipment – or the spare land around the University.
So all the heat is generated by the Earth's core – and goes to waste today. I gave this idea to Sheffield University 2001, but they did not want Global Warming curing: though the world had already been cooling for 5 years.
Too much of academic research comes from nuclear power – who devised the cO2 rubbish.
Nuclear power is actually the 4th biggest emitter of CO2 – due to their rapid turn over of plants. Extending the working life of plants leads to events like Fukishima – not safe, and totally illegal.
So even without gold, this idea is so worth doing! The power raises as much money as the gold would have done.

Replacing a cooling tower with a double helical heat exchanger will reduce the Fossil Fuels burn by a factor of 9! The same power for 1/9th of the cO2.

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