Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Free power for the world

Derived from the heat wasted as the sun hits the oceans. And man's energy use is equivalent to 0.002oC from the world's sea and lakes.
We take in heat to a low pressure gas at -20oC. We double the gas pressure, and have half the amount of gas at 230oC. Without any Fossil Fuels burning. And no hyper toxic uranium fission.
That industry is so toxic, it needs insurance cover of 100 billion per plant – it carries 50 million. This is the biggest corporate crime in history – and still going on! Wake the lawyers up and tell them! Totally illegal industry. Which means there never will be a Hinckley C – Sizewell B and Hinckley B are illegal!

They made up Global Warming to justify their existence. CO2 is still fixed at just 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level. It can only rise IN A NATURAL ICE-AGE.
So we drive a steam turbine, and generate 100 MW of free, carbon 0 electricity – using no Fossil Fuels burn.

Then we recover the heat of the exhaust steam, and return it to the boiler. 85% of the system heat. We cycle between 110oC (Water is liquid at 4 atmospheres) and 130oC.
The steam turbnie releases X-rays, as the steam heat up by 10oC – as we take 10oC out as power.
So using since from the 1950s, we generate free, carbon 0 power all around the world. The plants cost 50,000 dollars, and make that much money in an hour.
Free power. No Fossil Fuels burn. And NO hyper toxic uranium fission. Leave the U in the ground – it does not kill there.

Oil prices are back at 2003 levels – as the world revitalises a 50x1cm steam plasma tube generate 1.2 MW, from 10-17 of regular water a year.

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