Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Free Heat and Power

Ordsall Hall has a large open area – ideal for a ground source heat pump.
How this will allow us to run a Carnot heat pump, and get half the volume of hot gas at 250oC (Scale the absolute temperature, and scale back to degrees C https://heating.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/News/Pages/Heat-pump-calculator-ready-for-both-non-domestic-and-domestic-RHI.aspx)
We use this to drive a boiler, and get steam at 220oC, and 6 atmospheres: we vent to 4, to unsure super heat.
The wattage we generate is proportional to the area. Ordsall Hall should give us 25kW of 250 V AC electricity .
We then drive an area heating scheme – 0 carbon heat. And free. All you need is the large, undeveloped area.
So heat and power for Ordsall – for free. Without any geothermal tap. Just the sun hitting the ground. Heating it up to 10oC. Alternatively, we can have a heat collector at the bottom or the Bridgewater canal.

Presently used, 1st year engineering thermodynamics. Heat pumps are a commercial product.

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