Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fix autism

I was singing, and one of the other players had ADHD. And I happened to have a 8 W 1 Hz ultrasound massage device with me – which I was evaluating against cancer: it cleared late stage inoperable liver cancer. People people still prefer a 2 years decline to an agonising death
I also found it cleared Alzheimer's, but again my step father preferred to trust the Dr, and was dead in 6 months.
In contrast people came into my church heath group, and I cleared their NS and schizophrenia. I have used the device to clear a squint I acquired, following a car accident – so very useful devices.
If you apply them to each side of the cheats throat and nose they clear both viral and bacterial infections.
This stop cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Where are all the venture capitalists – there is a truly huge and important market here. Every family want this device.
I had dyslexia as a child, but lost it during my schooling – I got a Master's degree in Engineering: Where I used to work in ultrasound inspection.

After my success with clearing mental health problems, I am certain it will clear the viral cells causing dyslexia, disphasia and autism. The ADHD work clears the disease – that has no biochemical treatment. No Dr can now work on biochemistry in this area.
If your child has autism, get a device to clear infections. And use it work half a minute on either side of the head.
The MS patient asked me to stop after 20 seconds, then came back 2 minutes later for the full cure. It is painless and non invasive.
I was staggered when I next saw the ADHD lad. He was with his girlfriend, without the disease. If I had know it would work, I would have done some before and after videos.

Totally non invasive, and fantastically cheap and effective. What are you waiting for? The Dr? He just wants your money, and see you die in agony. That is the Dr cancer way – do you have a problem in being fit and healthy, and out living your medical acquaintances?

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