Sunday, 28 August 2016

Erasing manes

People tattoo names on themselves – a boy or girlfriend, or a football club and city. Then they move house, get into water polo and change partner.
Having a skin graft to cover a tatoo is both expensive, and massively invasive. Probably not work while.
But using my trProduct Details
Eligible for FREE UK Deliveryusty ultrasound massage device, you can remove the writing.

My nursing friend said 'How do you know it works?'. Simple, spot which finger had the ink mark on from when I was stabbed by a fountain pen 30 years ago. He said 'That doesn't prove anything'.
So I removed an ink mark, from where I was jabbed by a metal point -that is what a tattoo is. So he added 'How many goes with the High Intensity Ultrasound device did it take?'. 4.
So how many for a big tattoo? '20 – you do a quarter of the tattoo at a time, over the course of 40 days. Costing 20 cents' I replied.
'Quite a nice business' he observed. I hadn't thought of that. There is the demand, and it is a beauty device. No medical training required. What do you think?

I thought of it as a procedure you do at home, using your own device.

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