Saturday, 20 August 2016

Energy cartel

why do I think there is am energy cartel – which has nuclear power supporting the cost of oil? Because oil prices show unnatural resilience.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres generates 1.2 MW of heat – go off and try it yourself. It will be started by a fluorescent light starter, and self sustains at 4 atmospheres.
It generates as much heat as 20 oil burners. Oil priceis linked to demand, and suddenly the demand for oil is below what it was in 1973.
When an oil cartel shoved the price up. Read
So we went from $4 a barrel, to nearly $100.
Interesting the oil price last week was at 2003 levels. Without price support, it would have been at $8. I real terms, cheaper than 1973.
Nuclear needs oil to be above $100 to be economically attractive. I see oil prices plummet, then it suddenly stabilises.
When nothing has happened. There is no sudden economic boom – not in 1 week. It can't be the Saudis, they have used up all there foreign reserves in trying to stabilise the price.
So a cost of $100 billion a year can only be afforded by somebody like nuclear.
But every stock market in the world forbids such action – the people responsible all end up with 10 year jail terms.
Nuclear would say 'small price to pay for a new 18 billion plant' (of death). In you backyard. Paid for from your taxes.
Uneconomic and polluting. Molecular Nuclear Fusion as done by a steam plasma tube 8 times as energetic. Non toxic and free. Nuclear Power's worst nightmare. And nature fires off a light bolt, which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion every 3 minutes around the Earth. That run regular water into 5 tonnes of helium gas, X-rays and oxygen.
I don't think a little price support is going to do anything – Molecular Nuclear Fusion is the BEST energy system on Earth. As done by nature all day, every day. Non toxic. And no continental toxic death and nuclear winter.
 How do the calculations for nuclear power change, if we are talking about the top managers in the Wormwood Scrubs for 10 years – with no operating nuclear plant if they ever get out.

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