Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Electricity is so easy

1st year undergraduate engineering – known to al engineers on Earth: the same people being paid a fortune by nuclear power to talk about Global Warming / Climate Change or other biological non sense.
Plants limit CO2 today to only 2 parts per million! You burn the Fossil Fuels, you get more plant and animal life! High School biology.
You have a low pressure gas at -20oC, which you use to collect low temperature thermal energy from the sea: I told Sheffield University in 2001, just as I was working on Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
My PhD got ended, so all these years I am getting an American friend to build me a steam plasma tube: it would have taken an afternoon at Sheffield university – 15 years ago.
My calculations suggests we should get 1.2 MW of heat at 4 atmospheres. Once started it should self sustain. And generate 200kW – the biggest thing is the steam turbine. Bought off the internet.
So this is free power, from 10-17cc of regular water a year. Watch this space for video of a working tube, and experimental data. If Sheffield had bothered to build one, it would have been life changing science: Free, carbon 0, non toxic power – from regular water.

Why the recovery - oil is in free fall.
Anyway, we collect low temperature thermal energy from the seas. Was told in 1983, the problem is, throwing away the heat at the end of the cycle. You heat collectors need to be too big.
So we employ a second head pump, to cycle between 140oC steam, and 119oC water. So we lose 15% of the energy.
But as the steam passes over the turbine, it heats up by 10oC: I used to work in this area. 1984 at NEI Parsons in Newcastle. So we lose under 4oC. So we actually only really need to suck heat out of the seas on start up.
The Molecular Nuclear Fusion which happens today in the turbine Hall makes up for our efficiency loses. This is why turbines give out X-rays, and produce red heat.
Visible light and X-rays can only come from nuclear reaction, like nuclear fusion
1 H2O+TU+P->He+O+L+X-ray
You want to see Molecular Nuclear Fusion in action? Take a Geiger counter around the turbine hall of a power plant – as I did in 1983.
Every day the North Atlantic get 40 Terra watts of power. The UK only wants 44 Giga Watts as power. But as I explained above, the dual heat pump system will self sustain, once started.
I said we would get power at 0.02p per kW hour. I may have missed out a couple of 0s there. Once the plant is paid for, there are no running coasts other than the usual annual shut down.
No Fossil Fuels burn. No repertoire and expensive enriched uranium. No plutonium produced – the most toxic substance known to man.
Hence ever nuclear faculty on Earth needs insurance of 100 billion. No insurance above 1 billion is available – so they don't bother.
They just concoct rubbish like Global Warming: rubbish, as the world has been cooling for 21 years. And as prof Brian Cox has noted – CO2 levels are static at 2ppm: they only go up in an ice age.
He is in Manchester. The twin city to Salford – where I live. And I just happened to send him the biologically impossible graphs. Shock is, he read them! Good job Brian.
So the seas are the ultimate free power, though a steam turbine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so is the perpetual motion system. It only works, as it converts water into massive, free power. That makes up for our losses.

So no Fossil Fuels burn – and there never could be any Climate Change. And ALL nuclear power is illegal.

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