Monday, 22 August 2016

CO2 limited by nature

Photo levles by 2% - and psynthesis on the land and seas, converts CO2 into active life. In the Cretacious there was a global average of 10ppm – compaired to 2ppm now.
This is the pre-industrial level. And as man has burned the Fossil Fuels, life on Earth has increased by 15%. Nature does not even motice the extra 0.0004% from man's machines.
A foret fire increases local levels by 2% - b ut the next day we are back att 2ppm. All rational scientists, n ot in the pay of nuclear power are aware of the carbon cycle.
The proponents of Global Warming need to seek help for their untreated mental health problems. No reputable scientist could ever be interested in Climate Change – it is nuclear speak for global cooling. So on ly another 7 years until the natural climate starts warming.
So remember, in the cretacious ice-age, we have 20ppm CO2 in the air: CO2 levels double in ice-ages. Like the little ice=age of the 18th century.
So man starts burning coal, and we have the coldest period in recorded history. In the Middle ages warm period, man burnt very little wood.
So CO2 rises 4 years into a natural ice-age. So it reacts to the wax and wane of plants. That follow the natural weather.
So CO2 does not affect the weather. The weather affects CO2 level – rising in a NATURAL glaciation. People so ignorant of the Carbon cycle can't comment on biology.
Weather affects phhysics, physics does not alter the wearther. It was a crazt lie from nuclear power.
As an excuse to allow the illegal operation of their plants. Each nuclear plant requires insurance of 100 billion – no insurance above 1 billion is available. Remember Fukishi8ma permanently bankrupted the second richest country on Earth.
An we want to allow the Chinese to site a static atomic bom in England. We ALL need treatment for mental health problems.
Nuclear power – the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
We could do clean, safe and free Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
A 50x1cm steam plasma will turn 10-17cc of regular water into a constant 1.2 MW of heat. That will generate 200kW of electricity. Which will supply 250 users with free, carbon 0 power.
The turbine will cost 87,000, the steam plasma tube 2000 UK pounds, It will deleiver an annual income of 5.6 million. So the pay back period is measured in weeks.
A uranium nuclear plant will cost 18 billion – but will never be allowed to start – as it can't get insurance.
Sizewell should never have started up – it NEVER carried enough insurance. Hinckly B only had planning consent to 1990. The only way to get a planning extension with no link to nuclear.

They used their own engineers, which the British Council told me was 'legally unsafe'. No, totally illegal. Any decent law firm could get it shut down, and get a legla fine of 160 million.

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