Sunday, 28 August 2016

Clear injuries

When you get better from an infection, some of the virus or bacterial genome can get left behind. This causes growth abnormalities, and even cognitive problems.
A pair of identical twins were left with facial disfigurement, and memory problems. All is not lost!
High Intensity UltraSound removes such pathogen fragments – clearing cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
But it will also fix other problems. And a medically licensed device is fantastically cheap, and safe fro home use. We are talking about an ultrasonic massage device.
8W 1MHz devices are sold to clear wrinkles and help lose weight! They do so much more. These clear my viral fragments. The body will then snap back to normal.
The cheapest source is E-bay, though I use Amazon today. Such a device also clears tattoos! I had a stab mark from a fountain pen 30 years before, and HIUS cleared it. So it will clear historic injuries.

It will clear botched plastic surgery.

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