Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cheapest power

for Grimsby is not wind power – this will be 4.7p per kW hour. A sea heat pump station will produce power for 02p per kW hour – 1 10th the price of hyper toxic nuclear. If nuclear could buy the 100 billion insurance it needs for every plant, it would sell power at 3.65 per kW hour.
It can't - there is no insurance for more than 1 billion. All nuclear power is operating illegally. There can never be a Hinckley C, as Hinckley B is subject to an immediate stop order – 1986: the year of Chernobyl. So should have been the case for Sizewell B.
For non engineers, I had better explain a heat pump. There are 14 million people in the UK that DO understand a heat pump.

Take a volume of gas, and double the pressure. It shots up in temperature to 230oC – without adding any heat. A gas temperature is given by the collisions per second with the container wall.
So halving the volume doubles the absolute temperature (C+273=K). So we can take in low grade heat, double the pressure and exceed the boiling point of water.
So we take in heat to 10oC, and lose it at 230oC. 1st year engineering thermodynamics. The reason this has never been used, is that if we throw the heat away with a cooling tower, we need too much heat collecting areas – and the gas friction does for us.
The idea I had in 2001, and told my PhD supervisor, was to use a secondary heat pump. To cool the steam down form 150oC, to 119oC – liquid water at 4 atmospheres – in a steam turbine.
The exit steam is 10oC warmer than the inlet – due to Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Google it – I have published loads.
So we recycle 85% of the heat to the boiler room. 90% with the Molecular Nuclear Fusion heat. So we only need 10% form the seas. Which are warmed ever day by the sun.
The seas get 40 trillion Watts of power – which is all wasted. The UK needs 44 gig Watts. So we sit surrounded by loads of free, low grade heat.
Oncestarted, all the pumping does use a huge 2% of the generated power. So 98% free, carbon neutral power.
And 0.02p per kW hour. Uninstured nuclear is 100 times dearer. Burning Fossil Fuels is 4 times dearer. Even with poer is 23 times dearer – while the wind blows.
The sea heat pump idea operates all day, every day. The Office for Budget Responsibility will veto the Grimsby idea – as it is a massive waste of public money.
The plants will take a month to design and build. So people will generate and sel l20 MW of excess power – for every medium, sized engineering firm with a lake or sea coast.
Xcarbon 0 power. Massively cheaper than any other energy system. Regenerator power is just too dear and unreliable. 1st year engineering at Sheffield University wins out.

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