Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bullying the vulnerable

I suffered a major car accident after I graduated, and ten years later emerged back into life as a 'vulnerable adult'. Don't like the term – who would bully me?
John Elliot, a member of Labour NEC. He was talknig about ice creasm, and we are staging a Medeival festival, so I did a Google search and brought thwe enquiry into the group. I ensure the people knew I coould not order the ideas – only the boaordc could do that.
The next week I went in, and was unanimously voted out! For exceeding my authourity – by mentioning Ordsall Trust are organising the event – as the web page from Ordsall Hall tells the world.
To eject me from a major use iof my time, to gain more control over Lottery Money happens to be illegal now – under the Disabilty Discrimination Act, bropught in my my MP and friend, alistair Burt MP.
I have been bullied! I diod nothing, other than an hour spent with Google. Looking of Tudor ice suppliers.
Bullying the vulnerabel warrants a 2 year jail sentence – applicable to John Ellio Mike Atherfold and Mike scantlebury.
All 3 now prohibited from contact with the vulnerable. And a £20,000 fine. I am lucky, I am still cognitively intact, with my solicitor on speed dial: which John Elliot knew. Not a nice man. The Co-MD o0f Zodiac film, Salford.

Thank God I am not too vulnerable.

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